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Some knowledge of car diagnostic tool

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With the development of science and technology, More and more High-tech auto supplier such as car diagnostic, car lift, Car Wheel Alignment and so on. Following talk about the Car Diagnostic.
GDS is Launch developed a new high performance comprehensive diagnosis products, The traditional and modern communication on the effective fusion,Through the Wi - Fi technology can realize high speed Internet, online software upgrade,information feedback and sharing,Make the traditional automobile fault diagnosis equipment into the Internet age. And, the equipment from the traditional single function module to multi-function module development, make the product is in more professional at the same time, have more flexible expandability 。Product main module will show print and diagnosis of integration, the rest of the extended function module are unified appearance size, and independent development and production,, the user can according to own actual need any purchase each functional module, each function module and host module through the standard USB for connection and communication
Car Diagnostic
1. A Standardized Diagnostic Method
Since the EPA's mandate in 1996, all car manufacturers have been required to meet a set of standards when designing their vehicles' computer interfaces. All cars manufactured since 1996 should be compatible with any standard diagnostic tool or automotive scanner. This means that a regular buyer can purchase a scanner and use it on any car belonging to the household, as well as the cars of friends or neighbors.
2. Easy-To-Use Design
Today's automotive scanning tools are easy to use. They typically have a module with a screen that can be held in the user's hand. A short cable is used to connect this module to the car's OBD II port. This port is located just under the dashboard, near the driver's side of the vehicle. Once the unit is plugged in, car owners should insert the key and turn it to the first notch, enough for the lights and clock to come on but not far enough to actually start the car. Car owners will need to input the vehicle identification number (VIN) of their vehicle, as well as other information such as its make, its model, and its engine type. Once that is done, they can follow the rest of the on-screen directions to conduct the scan.
3. A Comprehensive Scan of All Electronic Systems
Within the average modern vehicle, a computer (or two or three) is in charge of most systems, including the ignition system, the automatic transmission, the fuel injection, and dozens of other smaller systems and parts. Sensors throughout the car are constantly gathering and transmitting data back to the main computer modules in the car.
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